WITNESSES of TIME - Egyptian pyramids: the evolution from 3rd to 12th dynasty

Trieste, Casa della Musica, via dei Capitelli 3

April 03, 2020

In the abysses of time, at some point in the most remote history of the Egyptian people, a new architectural work took shape in projects and realization: an imposing and extraordinary structure, consecrated to the Sovereigns: the Pyramid. For a long period, in alternating phases, the pharaohs had these immense monuments erected for a complex purpose: one part concerned their earthly and otherworldly life, the conservation of their being, present and future.

Ancient Egyptian DEMONS

Trieste, via della cattedrale 15 - presso Museo d'Antichità JJ Winckelmann

April 06, 2019

Sub-divine creatures existing at the edge of the real world: Protectors, Guardians, Healers, Bringers of Light and Justice, Assistants, Slaughterers, Tormentors, Executors, Assassins, Punishors, Strikers, Evil Eye and Illness Operators, Nightmare Lords, Vehicles of Death, Messengers and Intermediaries between the human and the divine ..

The Last Protection of prince Tutankhamun - the dark roots of the "CURSE"

Udine via Micesio 2 - ore 17:30

April 12, 2018

... Yet not everything has been said, there are still unpublished details of the KV62 tomb that can help to shed light on the origins of the famous "curse", by then inextricably linked to the "Life after death" earned by the young prince.

Copia di:Power of Symbol and Symbol of Power

Trieste, New Age Center, via Nordio 4/c ore 18:00

March 30, 2017

From the mace of archaic times to the most advanced weapons, their military use and ritual use. These artifacts maintained for millennia an important symbolic and apotropaic value  in the sacred representations. 

CRYPTS: the "hidden places" of the Temple of Hathor at Dendera

Udine, sede dell'SFA, via Micesio 2

April 07, 2016

Dark recesses and underground corridors, meant to remain hidden to the profane eye... These crypts will be illuminated for a short time to allow us to understand the liturgical and functional purpose of these environments.

Wp-Ra, opening the Mouth for Eternity

Udine, sede dell'SFA, via Micesio 2

April 09, 2015

All that you have never imagined about the mysterious ritual of '' opening of the mouth ", from its origins to the later forms.

Reswt: Dreaming, the Egypt by "closed eyes"...

Udine, sede dell'SFA, via Micesio 2

April 10, 2014

The ancient Egyptians have always expressed particular attention to the dreams: from the Old Kingdom until Late Epoch there are countless written records, papyri and stela that tell us of dreams, nightmares and divine messages received during the sleep.

The Pharaoh, First Divine Actor

Udine, sede dell'SFA, via Micesio 2

April 11, 2013

In the context of the complex Egyptian view of life and death, Pharaoh was primarily responsible, the only guarantor of the maintenance of stability, prosperity and the Order in the world.

The egyptian "Eternal Feminine"

Udine, sede dell'SFA, via Micesio 2

April 24, 2012

The "eternal feminine", the essential and eternal principle of femininity is the subject of a delicate and intense research that recognizes and celebrates it in the many roles of women and in the different contexts of Egyptian history.

The egyptian Temple "Foundation Ceremony"

Udine, sede dell'SFA, via Micesio 2

April 11, 2010

Monumental and epigraphic exhaustive documents have allowed us to reconstruct the key moments of the ceremony itself, as well as the actors involved: a fascinating history.

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