Reswt: Dreaming,

the Egypt by "closed eyes"...


"God created dreams to show the way to those who dream when his eyes are in the dark."
(From "Papyrus Insinger")

The ancient Egyptians have always expressed particular attention to dreams: from the Old Kingdom until Late Epoch there are countless written records, apyri and stela that tell of dreams, nightmares and divine messages received during the sleep. But even more fascinating are the meanings, motivations, interpretations that the Egyptian people have attributed to the dreams.

A closer look into the most secret recess of the human mind will reveal how the ancient Egyptians considered the dream activity, and how they exploited the potential of "magic". Together we will make a step forward in a world as ethereal, fantastic and uncontrollable to be considered by the Egyptians beyond the boundaries of reality, much as the Hereafter.