4 Aprile 2020 - Casa della Musica, via dei Capitelli 3, Trieste


In the abysses of time, at some point in the most remote history of the Egyptian people, a new architectural work took shape in projects and realization: an imposing and extraordinary structure, consecrated to the Sovereigns: the Pyramid.

For a long period, in alternating phases, the pharaohs had these immense monuments erected for a complex purpose: one part concerned their earthly and otherworldly life, the conservation of their being, present and future.  The deeper intent was to create a grandiose artifact, consecrated and protected by great gods, an exceptional link between earth and sky, destined to last for eternity, like the transfigured being of the pharaoh. Some of these wonders are particularly stable, harmonious and sophisticated, such as the pyramid of Cheops (Khufu) in Giza.
In this conference we will see how the perfect shape of the Great Pyramid did not arise suddenly, out of the blue, but originated from a long history of attempts and experiments. After Cheops the structure of the pyramids and their complexes has continued its evolution over time, originating sometimes enigmatic and unusual results, on this occasion we will analyze some of them in detail. These architectural efforts were not always successful, but they certainly produced colossal and refined works, amazing and complex structures, which left a lasting and extraordinary imprint. This spectacular and profound imprint was engraved not only in the land of the Nile, but also in the human imagination of all ages, up to the present one.

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